Shandong Rui Yi Industry Co., Ltd

Shandong Rui Yi Industry Co., Ltd is a medium-sized private enterprises and flour processing grain purchase approved Changyi Market Supervisory Authority was established, the registered capital of 300 million. Companies located in developed and rich starving Changyi Bu Town under road No. 78. Company covers 11332㎡, 12300㎡ building area, the company has a daily processing 400 tons of wheat a set of modern equipment.

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  • TEL:0536-7838999
  • Customer Service Hotline:4006-917-588
  • Fax:0536-7838699
  • Contacts:Gao Jun Guang
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  • Address:Weifang Changyi Bu Town Xiaxiao road No. 78 in Shandong Province